Where liberty is, there is my country


Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

For some, time passes slowly.
An hour can seem an eternity.
For others, there’s never enough.

make me choose:
∟hilarious-sarcasm asked: peter pan or jefferson?

Francis Valois in 10 words


If Man in Moon chose you to be a Guardian, you must have something very special inside.

I like his and Sara’s relationship. It’s adult, they have fun — recreationally and in the sheets. I love me some Hilarie Burton, and it was about time Neal got laid. He’d been in prison a long time and then he was looking for Kate for a couple years. [Laughs] He needed it. - Matt Bomer [x]

Amy, you are enormous parts of my life. And you are all I ever remember.


Harry Birthday to Harry Potter.
Happy Birthday to Joanne Rowling.

Without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Thank you.